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Prigradica – A Bay Which Is More than Just a Stop-By

Prigradica bay is located on the northwestern shore of the island of Korčula. It has been inhabited since the early times and serves as a port for the town of Blato, one of the island’s economic centers. Prigradica is much more than a stop-by for yachtsmen. It offers beautiful and calm environment, as well as beautiful pebbly and rocky beaches, and there is even a song dedicated to the inhabitants of this area.

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Nečujam – the Largest Bay on Šolta Island

Nečujam is the largest bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It used to be very popular among the Roman nobility, which included the Roman emperor Diocletian. Nowadays, this bay is a favorite for the citizens of Split and houses more than 2,000 summer homes. Likewise, it is very visited in high season by day-trip boats. Because it gets crowded during the season, visit it after the summer ends to get the same experience as the Roman nobility did!

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Latest News from Skrivena Luka on Lastovo

Skrivena luka is a small bay situated on the southern part of Lastovo island. There is an old lighthouse which announces the entrance to the bay. It is the second oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. There is a fantastic restaurant in Skrivena luka called Porto Rosso, which serves excellent traditional meals. A small marina lies in front of the restaurant. You do not have to be the restaurant’s guest to moor your yacht there.

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The Best Caribbean Sailing Holidays Revealed

The Caribbean sea is a vast area which includes several countries and thousands of islands. As such, it boasts a large number of sailing destinations. This is the list of the top Caribbean sailing spots. They include Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadines and Saint Martin.

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Sailing in Croatia – Infographic

We present you our first infographic about sailing in Croatia! With more than a thousand islands, a coast of 5835 km, and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Croatia attracts sailors all year long. There are numerous sailing destinations you can visit by chartering a yacht and setting of into exploring the Adriatic. Enjoy your visit!


Ramova – a Marina Below a Mountain

The marina Ramova is situated in the small village of Krvavica on the Makarska Riviera. The Riviera is a popular tourist destination, but is not held in very high regard by yachtsmen, mostly because there are not many sheltered bays and natural ports. The marina is a good shelter from bura that blows from the Biokovo mountain that towers above the area and lies close to more popular Croatian sailing destinations.


ACI Palmižana on the Islands of Hell

ACI Marina Palmižana is a situated in one of the most visited yachting destinations in the Adriatic, the Paklinski otoci archipelago. It lies just opposite the exclusive town of Hvar on the island of the same name, which attracts luxurious yachts and the world’s elite over the summer. The marina can be very busy in high season, so make sure you book your place a few days in advance.


Weather Forecast for Summer in Croatia 2015

According to long-term seasonal weather forecasts, this summer in the Adriatic will be exceptionally warm and sunny. This means that the weather will be substantially different from the last year’s weather, characterized by constant rains and bad temperatures. This news will satisfy all visitors who are planning to charter a yacht and sail the Croatian Adriatic!


Discovering the West Coast of Greece: Preveza

Preveza is a town situated on the west coast of Greece. A popular tourist destination for European visitors, it also serves as a transit point to the neighboring islands, giving the town a lively atmosphere. Preveza retains its original charm and offers numerous sights to explore. In recent years, it is getting a lead role in the world of yacht chartering.