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Foiling around Cape Horn

Frank Cammas has recently become the first person to cross Cape Horn in a foiling catamaran. This achievement contradicts the opinion that we have already achieved everything. The truth is, there is no limit to human possibilities. Likewise, sailing sport is developing on a daily basis. New techniques and categories are constantly introduced. That is why records will always be broken.

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An Office That Sails the World

Coboat is a catamaran that sails the world and functions as an innovative workspace. It sets off in November form Southeast Asia and will house digital nomads, experts an professionals who are fed up with the conventional way of working and are willing to help each other in their projects. Likewise, the boat leaves zero carbon footprint. The main purpose of Coboat is building a better and cleaner world.

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Fastnet Race – the Classic Among the Offshore Sailing Races

There are several offshore races that are considered bigger than the rest. They include the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Transpacific Yacht Race, Bermuda Race, Hamilton Island Race Week, Chicago to Mackinac Boat Race, Governors Cup, South Atlantic Race and the famous Fastnet Race. Read more about the latter in the following post!

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Croatia Boat Show 2015

Boat shows are the best opportunity to introduce people to the latest innovations in the boat industry, as well as with the newest yacht models. Everyone has a chance to take a ride on a yacht they like. As a sailing destination, Croatia has a number of boat shows. One of the most prominent ones is the Croatia Boat Show. Read the post and learn more about it.

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A Chase across the Atlantic – the Transatlantic Race

Oftentimes, people dream of achieving great things with which they could prove their abilities and maturity. Athletes dream of winning the Olympics, mountain climbers of climbing the tallest mountain, footballers of winning the World Cup… To European skippers and sailors, the confirmation of their skill comes by crossing the Atlantic.

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Hanse Cup Adriatic

Hanse Yachts is a prominent German yacht manufacturer, and one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They boast with a number of yachts, whose technical excellence and impeccable sailing performance have won them numerous awards and recognition. Each year, they organize a regatta in Croatia, called Hanse Cup Adriatic.

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The Spirit Never Dies

Today’s post brings you a story about a boat called Hir 3. Mladen Šutej, a great sailor, used it to sail the entire world. His journeys on Hir 3 ended after the war in Croatia started, but the story of the famous red boat did not end there. Read the post and find out what happened to it later.

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The 20th Anniversary of Internautica

Internautica is an international boat show, annually organized in Portorož, Slovenia. The show was first held exactly 20 years ago, which means that it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015. Over the years, Internautica has become bigger and bigger, and, in line with other international boat shows this year, it is expected to attract a large number of visitors.

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That’s My Caprice!

Most people follow a certain pattern in life – they grow up, finish their education, get a job and start a family. They all have their dreams, but, for some reason, they are afraid to realize them, and then grow old and regret not trying. This is a story about a man who believed his guts and got what he wanted.


Transpacific Race – Racing Between the USA and Hawaii

The Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) is an offshore yacht race that connects California and the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of the major offshore races, with competitors from all over the world. The race is as demanding as it is exciting, with some fantastic downwind rides along the way.