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Was the Genoa Sail Invented in Genova?

A question arises whether it is correct to use both the words “genoa” and “genova” when talking about a particular type of sail. The answer is – it is, the two terms are used interchangeably. Whether this term comes from the name of the city in Italy remains a mystery. Read today’s post and learn the difference between the genoa and the jib.

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Problems with Steering your Sailing Yacht

Sailing a yacht is usually a pleasant and relaxed experience. However, sometimes problems related to steering can occur. The inability to steer a yacht can be of mechanical and electronic nature. Some of those issues can be solved by people who are aboard the yacht, but some of them demand a call for help. Learn more about how to fix steering problems.


Gennaker – Two Sails in One or What?

The gennaker is a type of sail that is less know about, as opposed to other types, such as the jib, the genoa and the spinnaker. Today’s post describes the characteristics of the gennaker and how it differs from other types of sails, particularly the spinnaker, from which it evolved when sailors realized it is much simpler to handle.

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How Many Types of Mainsail Are There?

Charter companies differentiate between two types of the mainsail: the full-batten mainsail and the roll mainsail. The difference between them lies in the systems that set and fold the mainsail, but also in the shape. There are also some sub-types of these two mainsails, such as fully-battened, semi-battened and semi-full-battened., sails

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Choosing a Set of Sails When Chartering a Yacht

Choosing a set of sails is one of the main issues when chartering a yacht. To help you, our skipper offers his opinion on this eternal dilemma. In this post, read about advantages and disadvantages of chartering a yacht with an in-mast furling mainsail system, and about good and bad sides of using a standard, battened system.


Would You Like to Compete during Sailing?

Sailing is one of the most demanding competitive sports, but you too can become a competitive sailor. To be a successful competitor, you need to have some sailing skill. Also, you have to be able to work well with other people. It is always a good thing to have a winner’s mentality too. Read this post and you will realize that you as well can participate in sailing competitions.

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Throwing Stuff Overboard – Sea Pollution

Sea pollution is an increasing issue worldwide. We have entire islands of garbage floating in the oceans. This issue is very harmful for the entire marine ecosystem, with many types of animals dying from plastic objects in the sea. Garbage is also bad for tourism, because nobody wants to swim or sail in polluted waters. That is why you should not throw garbage overboard.


Bed and Breakfast Afloat

Yachts for charter are sought the most during high season. This presents a problem for charter companies, as well as yacht owners, because yachts stay unused in a marina for most of the year. A solution to this problem could be a new strategy called “bed and breakfast afloat”. This model would give tourists accommodation on a yacht moored in a marina.


How to Successfully Communicate with Croatian Mariners – Part 2

Sailing the Adriatic is a truly enjoyable experience. The nature is beautiful, the weather sunny, and the atmosphere is both calm and dynamic. There are places where you can enjoy privacy, and towns where you can get lost in the crowds. If you are sailing on a yacht, read our final post in a short series to learn how to communicate with the mariners in the ports, so that you avoid any potential stress while on your vacation.

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How to Successfully Communicate with Croatian Mariners – Part 1

Sailing in Croatia is a beautiful experience. Whether you sail alone, or with your friends and family, you are guaranteed to have an excellent time. To relieve yourself from any unnecessary stress that can appear when you land your yacht in a marina, read the first post in our series which explains to you how to communicate with the staff in Croatian marinas.