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What an Odd Encounter

Sailing can give you many opportunities to meet new people. This is a story about one odd encounter with a very interesting and uncommon person.

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Navigare Necesse Est

NAS Sailing Center is an organization that offers you something completely different from standard yacht charter and sailing schools. With them, you can learn a lot about not only modern sailing but also traditional sailing, history and ecology.

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Sailing Refreshment Program

If you have a sailing license, but have never really sailed, or have not sailed for a long time, you might want to refresh your memory. To help you with that, there are a lot sailing refreshment programs, which usually last a week and will give you confidence to start sailing on your own again.

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House Rules On board

How to behave onboard? Why you should follow all the orders by your captain or skipper? Is it just skipper’s ego or his rules matter? Find the set of rules that will keep you, your crew and your skipper happy and, most importantly, safe.


How to Get Most from Sailing in Croatia (Part 2)

The second and final post in the series on how to get the most from sailing in Croatia talks about mooring in marinas, the process of check-out and the various possibilities of payment. These tips come from an experienced skipper, so take your time and read them to have as little stress on your trip as possible.


How to Get Most from Sailing in Croatia (Part 1)

Like it is the case with every destination, there are two opinions about sailing in Croatia. One group loves the place and wants to come again, while the other does never want to return again. To avoid becoming a part of the second group, read the first in the series of two posts.


How to Deal with Local Skippers in Croatia (Part 1)

When you charter a yacht, your charter agency will also offer you a skipper. He is the most skillfull person onboard, and guests should always listen to them and respect their decisions. Sometimes, however, certain issues arise between the guests and the skipper. Read the post to learn about such situations.

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5 Ways to Become a Sailor Part 2

You can learn to sail at sailing schools where a student gains knowledge about sailing, route planning, weather forecasting and regulations. Other way is to just follow your dreams and take off. Or combine the two for the best result!